Sunday, December 5, 2010

Taylor Swift WHO?

So Taylor Swift has natural curly hair but went and ruined it by 'straightening' it. I heard on Rickdees on Hitz.FM that she hated her hair growing up (as all GWCs do) and always wanted to have straight hair. I must say I really like her curly hair and now that I know its natural, I like it even more. I'm not her fan by the way, she can't sing for peanuts...I would be a star if this kind of talent is considered 'Grammy' award winner.

Anyway back to her hair. Looking at the new hairstyle closely, I must say that I'm 100% sure its not her own hair that was is a WEAVE! Omg it's so obvious. Her hair is so going to drop even before she reaches 30 just like Christina Aguilera's because she used too many extensions in her hair. I really don't know why these people go to the lengths of ruining their already healthy hair just to look like everyone else :p

Here's a before and after of poor poor Taylor Swifts beautiful curls gone weaved....and a picture of her as a kid...girl I've been there...its because frizz comes with curly hair and people think frizz is the biggest nightmare on par with cancer, AIDS and all other terrible diseases....GET OVER IT and love your beautiful curls (and frizz), you don't look like Taylor Swift with straight weaves :p

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Girls-with-Curls (GWC)

People don’t believe me when I say my curls are natural and it irks me but I’ll be honest, I’ve doubted about other people’s curls too :p Usually when I encounter another GWC, we both would first stare at each other then smile and think to ourselves “I wonder if that’s natural?”. I’m not talking about the obvious perms but some girls with wavy and/or coarse hair can redefine their curls at the salon to sort of re-shape their curls. Redefining is something like a perm.

Growing up, it was an obvious fact that GWCs hate their hair. Let’s face it, we live in a commercial world with mostly straight hair women in shampoo ads or any beauty ads, this is of course especially in Asia. In the US, there are all kinds of women in commercials. So back in school I really didn’t like my hair AT ALL. I couldn’t even have a fringe!! When I was 14, I cut a fringe on my own and it ended up to be curly (obviously) and I looked like a freak! I didn’t go to school the next day! My mom was a gem for letting me have the day off to cry my eyeballs out…sigh…

I had VERY long hair that reached my thighs in the heydays…so just imagine me with a long plait all through my schooling days :p When I reached my sweet sweet 16 and with my darling sister’s ‘intervention’, I had a hair cut! I went to an all Chinese salon back in Klang (despite people advising me not to because they have a reputation to cut hair too short) and I must say the hairstylist girl (God bless her) who cut my hair was my ultimate savior, I mean she’s the reason I discovered I had this hair! She just took one look and she told me I have very nice curls and that I should get it layered (because the hair curls at the ends) and I went for it. I walked out of that salon with the most amazing hair ever and it immediately attracted so much attention. I got the stares….and the rest was history ;)

What’s cool are these GWCs who made it in show business but started out their careers with their natural curls on the loose…

Here are some THEN and NOW pictures of GWCs from my fave movies!

Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

Sarah Jessica Parker in Footloose

Nicole Kidman in Far & Away

Another favourite GWC is Mariah Carey! I absolutely loved her hair when she started to become famous with her first few albums…

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Curly Hair Chronicles BEGIN!

For those who know me and have seen me in real life, they would know the significance of my new blog title and why I'm writing The Curly Hair Chronicles. Yesssssss I have curly hair and I love it and I've never ever wanted to change it or listened to anybody who told me to straighten it.

Ok I hear all those who love curly hair (those who usually don't have it) saying - WHY would ANYONE have any negative comments about curly hair? Why do you think girls (and boys) spend hundreds of Ringgit straightening their hair!? Because the overall perception of curly hair is I'VE GOT TO GO STRAIGHTEN IT! TODAY! NOW! PRONTO!

But hey I'm one of those who LOVE it and am absolutely grateful to God (and my parents) for my beautiful wild curls ;) Hence the title of this blog - WILD CURLS. So what's going to be discussed on my blog you ask? Everything and anything about curly hair of course and my adventures as a curly haired girl in this big big city in this big big world....

Where ever I go I have fans and I mean complete strangers who come up to me asking me whether my hair is natural or not....honey...its all au-natural! "Seriously?" would usually be their common reaction, no I mean "Seriously, you didn't perm it?" Hello? What else can natural curls mean? Then comes the disbelief, or complete and utter admiration. Some even think I'm blatantly lying and visit the salon every weekend to get it permed and perfect. guys are so sweeeeeeeeeet! Thank you for being BIG CURLY HAIR FANS :D Thank you thank you!

Ok here's the secret of my curly hair - my Daddy!! Yes he had the most curliest wurliest hair ever and I'm so glad I got his curly hair DNA. I mean, where oh where would I be without my curls??!! ......*shuddering in horror of the thought*....SCARY!

Alright already, let the Curly Hair Chronicles BEGIN!!!